Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sibu Island Trip


Just got back from a trip from Sibu Island. For those who didn't know, the island is located around 20 minutes boat trip away from Tanjung Leman, Mersing, Johor. It is a part of a proposed development of Mersing, the recent hu-ha about the billion dollar development.

The view from Tanjung Leman Jetty

The place sucks. Big sucks. Food is an average level. Basically zero participation or greeting from resorts owner. No visible coral nor fish at the beaches.. Only 1 island trip and the worst thing is they kept the best island as a business island, not a package island. Maknanya kalau nak pergi ke pulau yang cantik. kita kena bayar extra untuk boat dan trip. Sigh..

However the companionship during the trip is awesome. I had a great time laughing off at everything during the trip. The group that I joined is a great group, consists of people who loves outgoing activities and laughing at each other. Awesome!!

The beach view facing Pulau Tinggi

Aku rasa yang Johor-Mersing Development adalah satu pembangunan yang sukar nak dicapai. Untuk mengubah corak kehidupan, menjaga alam sekitar/laut, mendidik penduduk setempat, menetapkan kawasan larangan di laut adalah amat sukar. This is further exploited by the lack of supervision/monitoring from the related parties. Nak buat pelan memang senang tapi nak menjayakannya memang azab. It is a good initiative but good luck to you guys in Johor/Development team.

The additional jetty view

Sigh.. I need another holiday. Probably Australia/New Zealand & Perhentian in June.

Wanna join?

Yours truly



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