Wednesday, November 15, 2017



Wow, it been 5 years since my last post. How time flies by.

Well, a quick update on my well-being.

Personal life. Am married now to TWOz, magic does happen right? Had 1 charming, bubbly, cheeky son and the 2nd one is still in the oven. I'm tied with work at the southern tip of Malaysia and both of them are based in northern pit of Malaysia. Am officially a true weekend husband.

Pity my son as he always wanted me to be with him but I always explained to him that I need to work for our family. Every time when I reach the airport, he always asks "Why do I need to go?" and he himself will answer that Ayah need to work for my food, TOYS, books and etc. Ayah will come back soon. A harrowing scene for me but I need to toughen up myself. Each week good-bye is not an easy task for anyone. Long distance relationship are not for everyone.

Work-wise, I've done well in climbing up the corporate ladder. Too well I guess, Alhamdulillah. Got the promotion and recognition that I wanted but with it, comes the big responsibility and expectation. I'm required to be based in project site to setup and develop new organization. Exciting and adventurous time. I'm sacrificing my personal and family time to create a path for my career. So far I yet to have any regret.

Health? Still good, still active but not at the past level. Too tied with work. I know, I know it is a lame excuse but it is true. I basically devoted myself to my travel between North-South and work. Gained quite a number of KGs due to un-monitored diet and no constant exercise. Will pull myself back to the gym or basketball or swimming. I will drag myself if I have too.

Well, I guess I just need a channel to vent or distract my mind from my work. Work is never-ending and I just need distract myself a bit to ensure that I stay true to myself. Once you climb too fast in the corporate world, you lose a bit of your soul there. A bit of management drama, employee demand, corporate thinking, the employer-centric thinking. All the non-exhaustive lists of soul selling for the big bucks and it does sap you out of your energy.

Writing is good too. It drive me to think different, coming up with a simple content and expanding it, the editing that force me to put myself in the reader's shoes so I understand how suck my writing is. I just need to stay creative, to stay true to the traits that prompt me to the level where I am now.

Hopefully this rejuvenation thingy will work. Well, it probably just because I'm an aging man. Fuck it..

Till next time.

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  1. wah long time no update. ive turned my blog into an art dump blog. growing older makes you rant face to face to your other half, and so blog became secondary. have a good year ahead.